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GoXtreme Action Cams

Ride the elements

GoXtreme Action Cams

Coming Soon

It´s quite simple:
At GoXtreme we love to ride the elements – be it on the ground, in the water or in the air. We will face the challenge and dive right into the action.


We want to invite you to join us out there and conquer nature, wild and free. On our journey we will capture each moment, and its uniqueness to hold it, share it, re-live it.

We trust in GoXtreme to be your best companion on all of those adventures – big or small – but precious. So come along with us and ride the elements!!

It takes a VISION to imagine the perfect settings, the light, the different challenges and to create a camera that will present only one answer to this: Perfection!


It takes PASSION to build it step by step, using only the best components, assembling it into a stylish housing and matching it with the perfect underwater case to get you down into the deep blue. And finally packing it into a robust, transparent presentation box with enough room to fit all of the essential ready-to-go-accessories required.


It takes COMMITMENT to continue on the path of perfection. To never stand still. To strive to improve in order to deliver top cameras and top gear each and every day.


And it takes COMMON SENSE to offer a product that is within your reach, your budget – whether you are a first time adventurer or a seasoned professional – the choice is yours!


Don´t miss a moment. It´s yours and it´s now!