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GoXtreme Full Dome 360°

GoXtreme Full Dome 360°




GoXtreme Full Dome 360° – Creating your own virtual reality has now come true


GoXtreme Full Dome is a 360° VR cam recording a perfect all-round view and deliver extraordinary and fully immersive panoramic videos at the touch of a button.


The built-in WiFi means users can connect wirelessly to their smartphone or tablet using the free companion app to access a fully interactive 360º ‘live view’. Simply swipe your finger or move your smartphone or tablet to view your entire surroundings as captured by the GoXtreme Full Dome.


Two spherical lenses capture any detail around you and offer a new, exciting video and photo experience. Unforgettable adventures and panoramic landscapes can be viewed from each and every angle – by simply navigating on your smartphone, tablet or PC screen. Another possibility is to compress your spherical experieces into one tiny 360° little planet.


Immerge into the amazing world of 360° virtual reality and relive any experience fully with the help of your smartphone and VR glasses.
Be right at the heart of the action and control any perspective by simple movements of your head.


Use the optional (not included) waterproof housing to record impressive and unique 360° videos up to 30m depth under water.

Technical specifications


0.96″/2.4cm LCD monitor
2x 4MP CMOS sensor


Video resolution:
High Quality Definition (1920×960) 30fps


Still image resolution:
3008 x 1504 px


2x 220° wide angle lens
2x 360° panorama view
Lens: f=1.1mm
Video with sound
Microphone build-in
WiFi function
Micro SD card support up to 32GB, minimum Class 10 (not included)


Interface: USB
1500mAh lithium battery (built-in)
Dimensions: 60 x 45 x 47 mm

Included accessories


  • Tripod
  • USB Cable
  • User manual


Recording times are depending on resolution.
Battery life time – depending on settings and outdoor temperature – up to 90 min.


After reaching a max. video recording time of 29 minutes the camera will automatically stop.
It can only be restarted manually.

It is often the case that memory cards with a capacity of more than 32GB are formatted with the ‘exFAT’ system during manufacture.
Therefore it is necessary, as generally recommended in the user manual, to format the memory card while it is placed in your camera.
To complete this process please navigate to Settings > Format and press enter to start the formatting operation.
This process generally takes just a few seconds to complete after which time your card is ready for normal use.

The camera’s 2 lenses film 2×220° in the horizontal and 2×360° in the vertical axis at the same time.


In order to create a real 360°-experience, the takes of both the lenses are afterwards automatically put together into one single photo or video file.

360° views on your smartphone and PC


Contemplate the world from the most centric perspective


When looking at a 360° photo or watching a 360° video, the viewer takes on the position of the camera in the moment of the take. He finds himself in the center of a sphere and is able to contemplate the sphere’s inner wall which functions as a screen. In this way, the viewer can turn to his left, right, front and back as well as to the top and bottom to discover the full picture.

Similar to a world map and a globe, the viewer can vary between several perspectives of his take.

View 1: Panorama – spherical panorama

View 2: Little Planet – representation in form of a globe

View 3: Virtual Reality – stereoscopic representation for VR-glasses

With additionally available VR-glasses (not included), the viewer is able to steer the desired perspective only by moving his head.
On conventional computer screens, the perspective is controlled by moving the mouse or touchpad.
On smartphones and other touchscreens the viewer can turn around in the picture by using his finger.

Instead of being limited to one single angle of view, you can afterwards choose any possible perspective on your image.


360°-videos can be edited just as conventional videos – but with greater freedom and a magnificent result!


When cutting the film, you can choose any desired perspective out of the filmed angles, instead of being bound to a fixed picture section.
What is more, you can also choose between the panoramic view and the so called ‚Little-Planet‘-representation, creating a different and new stunning visual experience each time you want to contemplate your 360° videos.

Features in connection with a smartphone


During the take:

  • live preview & remote control thanks to the WiFi-connection
  • control of the viewing direction
  • change between the different representations: panorama, Little Planet, VR for VR-glasses


After the take:

  • control of the viewing direction
  • change between the different representations: panorama, Little Planet, VR for VR-glasses
  • easy transfer of the recordings to a smartphone
  • upload of pictures and videos to social networking sites

Features in connection with a PC


After having transferred the recordings to a PC:

  • control of the viewing direction
  • change between the different representations: panorama, Little Planet, VR for VR-glasses
  • cutting of the footage
  • creation of videos with changing views by screen-recording-function
  • export of spherical panorama- and VR-films to YouTube
    *Please note that not every web browser support online reproduction of 360º videos on YouTube. Please find further information and recommendations on YouTube.com.
  • upload of pictures and videos to social networking sites

Built-in WiFi-function – Live preview, remote control and selection of portrayal


The integrated WiFi-function enables you to connect the GoXtreme Full Dome with your smartphone. The SYVR App transforms your smartphone into a remote control for your GoXtreme Full Dome and facilitates a live preview, control of the viewing direction and the selection of different portrayals directly in the 360° take.


When using the VR-view, you can insert your smartphone into VR-glasses (not included) and steer the desired perspective only by moving your head.

Share your  360° Videos


Upload your panorama- and VR-videos to YouTube to present the full beauty of 360°:  Any desired perspective can be selected by moving the cursor or, in case of VR-glasses, by movements of the head, and in this way be shared with the whole world.
*Please note that not every web browser support online reproduction of 360º videos on YouTube. Please find further information and recommendations on YouTube.com.

Tripod included


A tripod which facilitates the recording of perfect panorama-videos and –photos is included in the scope of supply of the GoXtreme Full Dome 360°.

Optional waterproof case


When using the optional waterproof case (not included), you can even record stunning 360° videos under water, up to a depth of 30m.


iOS COMPATIBILITY: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

ANDROID COMPATIBILITY: Requires Android 4.1 or later.


Please use the SYMAX360 Player for the playback of panoramic video or pictures.
Note: The videos or pictures may be played with the correct panoramic effect using only a smartphone, tablet computer or a PC or Mac laptop or desktop computer.