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GoXtreme Rallye WiFi

Coming Soon

GoXtreme Rallye WiFi

Action Cam



Small but powerful: The GoXtreme Rallye WiFi is always ready for the next adventure.


Featuring 720p HD or interpolated 1080p Full HD video recording at up to 30 frames per second, the 120º wide angle view ensures nothing gets left out as the Rallye WiFi captures all of your memories with stunning clarity. The addition of built-in WiFi allows you to connect your phone or tablet to your camera* offering you a live view, remote control and the ability to quickly and easily download and share your videos, making the GoXtreme Rallye WiFi the ideal companion on your next family adventure.


The inclusion of a waterproof case ensures this handy but tough camera is kept safe from dirt and moisture at depths of up to up to 30m while the built-in 2” (5cm) display ensures your shots are set up just how you like them.


*Requires free companion app available on the App Store and Google Play store

Technical specifications


2.0”/5cm Display
Waterproof case up to 30m
1 MP sensor


Video resolution:
1088p @30fps (by interpolation)
720p @30fps
480p @30fps


Still image resolution:


Video with sound
Micro SD card support up to 32GB, minimum Class 10 (not included)
Microphone built-in
120° wide view angle
WiFi function
Burst mode


Interface: Micro USB
3.7V / 900mAh lithium battery (exchangable)
Dimensions: 59 x 41 x 22 mm

Included accessories


  • Waterproof case
  • Bike mount
  • Helmet mount
  • Holding arms
  • Shield
  • Battery
  • USB cable
  • Manual


Before using your camera in the water please verify that all lids and locks are tightly closed and sealed on the camera and the underwater case.
After use, clean the housing of salt and chlorine water and then let it dry.
The camera should not be exposed to large temperature and humidity differences to avoid condensation inside the housing or behind the lens.
After underwater use, the case must be kept open to avoid condensation or rust.


Recording times are dependant on resolution and frame rate settings.

After reaching a max. video recording time (or file size*) the camera will automatically stop. It can only be restarted manually.
*FAT32 file system has a maximum single file size limit of 4GB.
1080p/30fps: 29min. max.


Battery life time – depending on settings and outdoor temperature – up to 90 min. under optimal conditions.

It is often the case that memory cards with a capacity of more than 32GB are formatted with the ‘exFAT’ system during manufacture.
Therefore it is necessary, as generally recommended in the user manual, to format the memory card while it is placed in your camera.
To complete this process please navigate to Settings > Format and press enter to start the formatting operation.
This process generally takes just a few seconds to complete after which time your card is ready for normal use.

Ultimate Full HD Performance


GoXtreme Action Cams are designed to offer optimal performance. Whether it‘s Full HD video, sharp images, stereo audio recording, we choose only the best components like high efficiency chipsets and high speed sensors.


GoXtreme Rallye WiFi delivers ultra sharp Full HD videos at 30fps (by interpolation).

Wide View


When it comes to views, GoXtreme has it covered… from 45º to 170° ultra wide angle the wow factor of  full panorama 360º and everything in between. GoXtreme Rallye WiFi captures videos and images with the 120° wide angle.

Burst Lapse


Once activated burst mode captures several photos with a single press of the shutter which in turn delivers multiple photos where you would normally record just one.

Accessories Included – No extra costs!


At GoXtreme we understand the value of giving you more and that‘s why every GoXtreme Action Cam includes a great selection of essential mounts and accessories right out of the box.

GoXtreme Rallye includes accessories for any kind of action.

WiFi Connection
Preview, Sharing & Remote Control


At the touch of a button the built in WiFi allows you to connect your camera to your smartphone or tablet using the companion app.

The app – a free download – turns your phone or tablet into a live view remote and offers full control of the camera functions and settings.

Simply download your files directly from your camera to your device to view or share via e-mail or on your favorite social media platforms.

Display & Waterproof Case


GoXtreme Rallye WiFi features a 30m waterproof case and a large and convenient 2“ display, perfect for setting up your shots, viewing or changing your camera settings and offering convenient playback and review of your videos and photos.


iOS COMPATIBILITY: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

ANDROID COMPATIBILITY: Requires Android 4.0 or later.